Ghost Design

We coined the term Ghost Design because many of our clients are other design firms. Our expertise in design for manufacturing allows us to fill in gaps often found in traditional industrial design firms. From napkin sketches to photorealistic product renderings to plastic part design, we cover the full spectrum of industrial design and product development services.


• Award-winning industrial design
• Collaborative concept development
• Full-scale product design
• Design for manufacturing


Product Development
• Consumer, medical, industrial, & electronics
• Ergonomic user interface design
• Plastic part design
• Design for manufacturing:
•:: SolidWorks 3D CAD expertise
•:: Concept through pilot production run
•:: Streamlining production problems

Rapid Prototyping
•:: 3D Printing
•::. SLS, SLA, CNC machining, cast RTV parts

Intellectual Property Development
• Help with patents, other IP protection
•:: We often generate significant patent claims

Quick Concept Realization:

• Rapid SolidWorks 3D model and assemblies
•:: Demonstrate inventive ideas for only hundreds of dollars
•::. Fast, inexpensive “Hollywood” sell-sheet generation
• Photorealistic concept and product rendering
• Illustrative 3D animations
• Variety of rapid prototyping methods


• Collaborative operation with corporate or consulting design teams
• On-site design services available
• Collaborative tools:
•:: 3D eDrawings for quick design communication
•:: Secure web servers for large file transfers